Key Issues



The activities of the Short-Term Rentals hosts remain to a large extent unregulated or underregulated. We see the tremendous growth of the Short-Term Rentals industry as a global phenomenon, driven by platform-driven search and booking websites which have greatly facilitated the growth of offer and demand, appealing to consumers of all backgrounds and nationalities, and offering possibilities for types of property owners to generate income. As major facilitators and developers of Short-Term Rentals services, we believe that platforms should also play a key role in supporting regulatory compliance by Short-Term Rentals hosts. In 2023 Global ReformBnB will advocate for the implementation of our Kyoto updated STR guidelines. In the third quarter of the year we will recirculate and update our STR Study (to be presented in our 2023 General Assembly in Washington).


Online distribution is getting more and more important for the hospitality industry in the world – and dependents on a few major players. On average more than three out of ten hotel rooms are nowadays bought online. The number of relevant market actors is declining significantly and the market shows tendencies towards at least a narrow oligopoly. The hospitality markets, that are still characterized by small and medium sized enterprises, are facing practices in the field of digital distribution. For the current year 2023, the Global Reformbnb association aims at preparing a position paper on digital distribution with an update on the various issues in each of the territories represented in the association. This position paper also aims to provide insight into the various legislative measures that have been adopted globally in response to digital distribution.