Global Reformbnb Assembly will organize its Second General Assembly in Washington D.C. in November 2023.​

Our General Assembly is the annual meeting of our members’ hotel associations and carefully selected allies to discuss how to deal with the short-term rental (STR) industry and the digital distribution. The focus is on developing joint projects and exchanging strategic insights, all with the goal of promoting fair rules.


In November, the 5th Global Reformbnb Forum was held in Kyoto. During three days, different conferences related to the problems of digital distribution and tourist floors were exhibited. It was agreed during this summit that the partnership based in Barcelona and the organisation of the next summit in Washington would be created.

The 4th Global Reformbnb Forum was held in Paris in May 2022. On that occasion, it was the first meeting with a stable situation following the health crisis, and a detailed account was given of the situation worldwide, as well as the consequences of the Pandema and the opening up of tourism, which has led to an exponential growth in illegal accommodation. During the summit it was agreed to organise the next summit in Kyoto for the formal establishment of the Forum in partnership.

A year after, in November 2020, we hosted the 4th event of the Global Reformbnb Forum. This time, due to the COVID-19 global situation, it was hosted online, where we could learn how the STR has been affected by the pandemic with the participation of exceptional and relevant speakers such as Murray Cox and Manolis Psarros.

In November 2019 we held RefornBnB Buenos Aires, a 3rd summit where all associations agreed, to launch the Global ReformBnB Forum which will seek to promote effective rules and controls for the short-term rental industry between ReformBnB summits.

In April 2019 we held ReformBnB Barcelona, a second meeting where more than 30 hotel associations from all over the world took part. Since we are facing a global issue and not a case of individual cities, it is a priority joining efforts to demand that the local authorities settled measures to face the negatives effects of the STR. That is the reason why in Barcelona, the different workshops held during the summit culminated with the creation of a proposal of global guidelines to be assumed by the different authorities from all the cities around the world.

In November 2018 we held ReformBnB NYC, the first international summit of hotel associations grappling with the challenge of the short-term rental industry. The main goal of the summit was to discuss on how to face all together the damages caused by the STR industry. During this summit, the hotel associations sign a manifesto of 8 points: with a clear constructive will, with a clear proposal to fit in a sustainable way the ‘real’ shared economy and to banish the professional operators who hide their illegal activity. All participating entities acknowledged the importance of the meeting and the need to continue working together to completely eradicate illegal STR, with the organization of periodic rotating meetings in different cities around the world.