The GlobalReformbnb is an international association of hotel associations from cities, regions, destinations and national and/or supranational levels that works globally in a joint and coordinated manner to create synergies and find solutions to the issue of Short-Term Rental (STR) supply and intermediation and Digital Distribution.

 A network of connected entities to discuss to discuss how to deal with the Short-Term Rental (STR) industry and the Digital Distribution. The focus is on developing joint projects and exchanging strategic insights, all with the goal of promoting fair rules.

Since the hospitality industry is facing a global problem, one which crosses national and city boundaries, the existence of a global forum was required. Working under the umbrella of a brand will help us achieve the goals that it would be very difficult for the hotel associations of the world to achieve individually. The existence of a brand will give a better visibility and legitimacy at the time of completing tasks and taking actions before third parties.

Executive Comitee

Didac Garcia
Executive President
Franck Trouet
Vice President and Treasurer

Manel Casals
Robert Amengual
Nagashige Hoshi


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